Our Professional Breeding Program:

  • Careful Selection of only the best quality, healthy bloodlines
  • Temperament and Health Tested Parents with breed standard confirmation
  • Pairing up of the parents to produce what you want in looks and temperament
  • Sire and Dam free of parasites, genetic disease, and allergies
  • Vet approved at ​12 month old Vet check and OFA exams/paperwork
  • Regular Grooming and regular veterinary dental care
  • Annual Vaccinations, Monthly Heartworm Prevention
  • Pairing up of the best possible parents to produce what you want in looks and temperament
  • When we retire our dogs at 5-6 years old, we have them fixed and placed in their forever pet homes where they can be enjoy life to the fullest because they deserve the best. 
  • Quality Food, Life's Abundance and Nuvet supplement.  

Excellent Puppy Health Care:  

  • 24 / 7 / 365 Love and Personal Care!
  • Great health care starts In the Womb.  Mom's caloric intake increased with puppy food and canned food daily with daily vitamins and probiotics starting on day 42 of gestation
  • Assisted birth and newborn health scoring with urgent ICU type care when needed.
  • Dewclaws removed on day two.
  • Current deworming and vaccinations DHLPP+C and, Bordetella
  • 12 wk Rabies vaccination by vet, Start monthly FrontLine and Heartworm Prevention
  • USDA Vet Health Certificate,  fecal test and nose to tail exam prior to leaving
  • ​High quality food and vitamin/mineral supplement 
  • Extensive knowledge on all stages of newborn care from whelping, tube feeding, subcutaneous fluids
  • NuVet Supplement for healthier immune systems
  • Prepare puppy for departure and give medications a week prior to prevent stress related diarrhea and a medication sent home with you.

Intense Puppy Socialization Program:

  • Daily Neonatal Early Neurological Stimulation days 3-16.  <click to see why this is important!
  • Desensitization to Sound ( TV, radio, clippers, blow dryer, vacuum and other household noises)
  • Caring Touch and desensitization of feet, mouth, ears and tail days 17 and on
  • Socialization with adults, children, dogs and cats
  • Extra love and cuddling
  • Dog door and crate trained from 6-7 wks old
  • Potty training started, we get lots of families report how easy our puppies train!!! 
  • Groomed/bathed every 2 weeks (nails, ears, potty trail trimmed)
  • Daily Blanket (2-3x day on most) and Toy changes (age and breed appropriate toys)
  • Daily Indoor and Outdoor Exercising Program​​ and interaction with people, other dogs and cats


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Locally Picked up puppies come with the following:

PJP Monogramed Scent from Home baby blanket

Small Sample Food - NutriSource Small/Med Breed Puppy Sample bag, larger bags avail. for sale.

​2 Toys chosen specifically for your puppy

Medical Records brochure showing Vaccinations and Deworming History

Free Microchip already implanted & Microchip Brochure for registration info.

Health Guarantee, Your copy we both signed

Folder for all paperwork

USDA Health Certificate - Vet Check Document (if pup purchased ahead of time)

Fresh Bath and Groom

​Crate NOT included

"Where Health and  Temperaments Come First."