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Airline Shipping is available to all 48 States and sometimes other locations close to the US.  We usually use LITTLE ROCK Delta Airlines and have used them for years with no major problems. Shipping for a small crate is $450.   This can go up if a puppy  is older and over sized.  We can usually ship 2 small puppies together in one upsized crate for $600.  Larger goldendoodles or bernedoodles puppies that are over 10LB can run up to $600.  It goes by their height and the weight of them in the crate--they must have 2" of head clearance.  We usually ship on Fridays.

Fees included in our price of $450:

  • Airline approved travel crate (small)
  • Divided food and water dish
  • 1 toy/1 chew 
  • Potty Pads 
  • Food taped on top of crate (2 small sample bags)
  • Trip charge to drive to airport (2 hour round trip)
  • Vet health certificate required for travel from state to state by law​ (includes exam and fecal slide test)

​What is NOT included in $450: (these are not common to happen, but we can't absorb all these possible extras)

  • Boarding of $75 per week if your puppy can't ship when ready.
  • Rabies Vaccination if your state requires it earlier than 12 weeks.
  • Upsize crate if pup gets larger than expected. Must have 2 " head clearance and be able to stand up and turn around.
  • Extra Trip to Airport if pup can't get on scheduled flight because of overbooking or weather (rarely happens).

When we book flights, it is similar to when you book a flight BUT not all Delta or United flights carry pets.  They fly just as you would and arrive there the same day on the flight we have booked.  You will have all the details about 5-7 days prior.    Little Rock has very few direct flights.  Almost ALL pet bookings have a layover in Atlanta or Houston (their pet hub) and require a 2 hour layover for feeding and watering and time to make it to their next flight.

You can use these Tracking links below with the reference number OR the airway bill number:


Puppies do have food and are provided water at layover.  Puppies can arrive soiled but most do not.  Remember they are animals and babies and can't hold it all day long. 

Phone numbers:  Delta Pets First  800-352-2746


We make all the arrangements so all you have to do is show up at the airport!  The area in the plan were puppies ride is climate controlled and of course pressurized.  The only time of year we have problems  shipping is when temps are under 20  or over 85 degrees.   Some locations will get an embargo placed on their airport and that means we can not ship there because of the extreme temps.  We will refund your money or you can opt to board your pup here till weather changes.  Shipping is stressful for us, you and the pup.  It's not an ideal situation but it does make buying exactly what you are looking for from very far away.  It is better for the pup to fly than to drive for 2-3 days to get there with ground shipping or U Ship.  Some puppies can stress more than others and may require medication for their tummy if they get a loose stool.  This is part of your responsibility.  We would not ship a puppy with a loose stool, this can happen because of stress.  All Medical bills after arrival are the buyers responsibility.  Most all puppies do great and jump into your arms out of their crate and do very well with transition, some can arrive nervous and need extra care.  It's hard to know who will stress and who won't.

We also offer ground shipping within a few hours away, in which you and the delivery driver can coordinate on a place to meet. It is a more personal service, and depending on where you meet, you could spend less money and avoid paying Arkansas sales tax. Contact Tyler at TylerRDarnell@gmail.com to get a quote.

We can also offer Commercial Ground shipping service to select areas for about the same price as air.  We will need to know your city and we can check and see if it's available and how long it will take.  We prefer the pup has had 3 vaccines before being crated next to another puppy.

You are welcome to fly here and drive here or we can meet you at the Little Rock airport with your puppy for a fee of $100.   

Personal Nanny Service can be arranged but can be very pricey.   We have some alumni that have expressed interest in flying and using their skymiles and just having you cover their hotel and a daily fee for their time. Each case is different but this way the pup is in the cabin with the Nanny.  You would just meet the Nanny at your airport.