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Purchase Information:

Please make sure that you have researched the breed and understand the ongoing responsibility of pet ownership. All buyers are required to sign a spay/neuter agreement.  And homes with a fenced yard are preferred.

STEP ONE:  Click here and complete online
  PUPPY APPLICATION  Don't worry, there's  NO COMMITMENT yet!  Completion of the puppy app does NOT hold a puppy.  Please call us to ask for a 24 hour courtesy hold.  501-548-9920

STEP TWO:  After completing the online adoption form, you may opt to leave a
depositthen, or wait until I have contacted you.  We can always refund it if the puppy isn't available or if you are not approved for adoption/purchase.  Please understand deposits are like application fees and are not refundable if you back out!

  Click here and print off the 1 year health guarantee and after completion of the contract, please scan and email it.   I must receive contract prior to shipping for the guarantee to be valid. Please read this prior to sending your deposit so you will understand its terms and limitations. If you come here and pick up your puppy, We will have it here for you to sign.

OrderFood and Vitamins.  Please keep the puppy on the Nutri Source puppy and the Nuvet Supplement.

STEP FOUR:   Please print off the
 puppy care guide to familiarize yourself with what is coming up, you have a shopping list prepared for you on the last page.  If not shipping, please read the local visit  link.

Boarding is available if you are unable to receive your puppy by 9 weeks of age.  The puppy will receive any due vaccinations or dewormings and also if over 12 weeks old we will give heartworm prevention and flea/tick medication. We give you one free week, then the charge for this is $20 per day.  


For general info, please call my assistant Gina Maxwell at 501-548-9920.   She is very knowledgeable and can help you with questions.  If she can't help you, she will contact me and then get back to you.   I am available after your purchase for advice and questions and anytime you have question about a puppy's temperament, feel free to email me petitjeanpuppies@gmail.com.

 Thank you!  Laura Koch

Your privacy is important to us.  To better protect your privacy we provide this notice explaining our online information practices.   We only use your information to complete your business transaction.  We do not share this information with outside parties except to the extent necessary to complete this transaction.

If you post on our facebook page, then you are publicly posting your name and information that you post.  If your puppy requires shipping, then the shipping agent(s) will have your contact information for business purposes only.

If you post a review on this website and provide your email address, we will not use your information, but can not stop others from using it or contacting you.  So do this at your own free will.  

Protecting the privacy of young children is especially important.  For that reason, we never collect information from those under the age of 13 (knowingly).

How to contact us about your privacy, please call us or email us at petitjeanpuppies@gmail.com
Thank you.