"Where Health and  Temperaments Come First."

Our Professional Breeding Program includes intense socialization that starts at birth with neonatal stimulation techniques. Every breeder should do this that offers puppies for sale!

  • Careful Selection of only the best quality, healthy bloodlines
  • Temperament and Health Tested Parents with breed standard confirmation
  • Pairing up of the parents to produce what you want in looks and temperament
  • Sire and Dam free of parasites, genetic disease, and allergies
  • Vet approved at  9-​12 month old Vet check and OFA exams/paperwork
  • Regular Grooming and regular veterinary dental care
  • Annual Vaccinations, Monthly Heartworm Prevention
  • Pairing up of the best possible parents to produce what you want in looks and temperament
  • When we retire our dogs at 5-6 years old, we have them fixed and placed in their forever pet homes where they can enjoy life to the fullest. They deserve the best. 
  • Quality Food, Life's Abundance, NutriSource and Nuvet supplement.  

Excellent Puppy Health Care:  

  • Love and Personal Care every single day, every minute.
  • Great health care starts in the womb.  Mom's caloric intake increased with puppy food and canned food daily with double daily vitamins and probiotics starting on day 42 of gestation
  • Assisted birth and newborn health scoring with urgent ICU type care when needed.
  • Dewclaws removed on day two.
  • Current deworming and vaccinations DHLPP+C and Bordetella
  • 12 week Rabies vaccination by vet, Start monthly FrontLine and Heartworm Prevention
  • USDA Vet Health Certificate, fecal test and nose to tail exam prior to leaving
  • ​High quality food and vitamin/mineral supplement 
  • Extensive knowledge on all stages of newborn care from whelping, tube feeding, subcutaneous fluids
  • NuVet Supplement for healthier immune systems
  • Prepare puppy for departure and give medications a week prior to prevent stress related diarrhea.

Intense Puppy Socialization Program:

  • Daily Neonatal Early Neurological Stimulation days 3-16.  <click to see why this is important!
  • Desensitization to Sound ( TV, radio, clippers, blow dryer, vacuum and other household noises)
  • Caring Touch and desensitization of feet, mouth, ears and tail days 17 and on
  • Socialization with adults, children, dogs and cats
  • Extra love and cuddling
  • Dog door and crate trained from 6-7 wks old
  • Potty training started, we get lots of families report how easy our puppies train!!! 
  • Groomed/bathed every 2 weeks (nails, ears, potty trail trimmed)
  • Daily Blanket and Toy changes (age and breed appropriate toys)
  • Daily Indoor and Outdoor Exercising Program​​ and interaction with people, other dogs and cats


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