"Where Health and  Temperaments Come First."

We welcome visitors by appointment only.   We do not allow DROP IN visitors, NO EXCEPTIONS, Sorry!

We start taking appointments at 10 AM and take our last appointments at 2 PM. Prior to making an appointment, you must first complete the online
puppy application and we will email or call you back to set up an appointment.  We will be glad to show you a few puppies at a time in our grooming trailer/office.  For  disease prevention, we do not show you through our nursery where the newborn babies are because we have mommies that either just had newborn babies or have babies and are very protective of them.  We can't have strangers walking thru their home.  My vet also suggested no public traffic for disease prevention.  Just ask and we will be glad to show you the parents of the puppies (weather permitting) and please ask in advance, so that we are prepared to show them to you.


I do NOT accept checks or money orders.

Balances may be paid via Paypal in advance or bring your debit or credit card. 

Cash is accepted but not the preferred payment method.

 In the state of Arkansas, you must pay sales tax on all puppies picked up in the state (products as well).  This is the law.  If you buy a puppy without paying sales tax, then you and the breeder are breaking the law.

When you pickup your puppy, please be prepared and bring either a crate and a towel, or a laundry basket and a towel.  Paper towels are a good idea also, just in case the puppy gets car sick.  We do have crates and food for sale here if you need one.  You will receive a blanket, toy, a sample small bag of food, puppy's shot records and also a copy of your year health guarantee as well as the puppy's registration papers from
UABR (United All Breed Registry) or Certified Pet Registry.   If you are driving from down south, please do not take the curvy road from Benton (Hwy 5 and Hwy 9) this is what most navigation systems suggest.  Most people get carsick and for sure the puppy will on the way home.  We suggest you take I 40 and I 30.

We sure appreciate your business and hope to meet you soon!

You will meet up with Tasha or Megan during your appointment.