"Where Health and  Temperaments Come First."

Standard colors Cream, Black, Apricot  and some red will be $1800+
Rare or exotic colors such as Sable, Chocolate, Parti, Merle, Phantom or Dark Red will be $2000-3000+ 
All Puppies sold with Spay/Neuter Contract!
We are testing for more things every day, like PRA and DM. Both of these diseases show up later in life, and are horribly debilitating conditions.  Even though these conditions appear long after our health guarantee covers, we want to go the extra mile to produce the best and healthiest pups.  Other breeders that do this type of testing charge well over our pricing.  While some think our puppies are expensive, others say they are a great buy and save them money over the years with being healthy.  

​Our ​Current Goldendoodle Litters

Rosie & Calvin's F1b Standard Goldendoodles

Salina & Windsor's F2b Mini Goldendoodles

Becca & Ricky's F1bb Toy Goldendoodles

Junebug & Farmer's F2b Mini Goldendoodles

Fergie & Farmer's F2b Mini Goldendoodles

Olivia & Ashton's F1 Goldendoodles

Paris & Calvin's F2b Standard Goldendoodles

Sadie & Ricky's F1bb Toy Goldendoodles

Ivy & Grainger's F1b Medium Goldendoodles

Katie & Grainger's  F1b Small Medium Goldendoodles

Mercedes & Casey's F1b  Standard Goldendoodles