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We make every effort to test all of our adults for hereditary diseases so that we can confidently provide you with the healthiest puppies possible.  The first thing we do at a very young age is make sure a dog has a clear vet exam.  This would include a nose to tail exam and check for bite, patellas (knees), eyes, heart, normal testicles and normal vulva, etc.   Then around 9-12 months we send cheek swabs along with the dog's microchip number to PawPrint Genetics, or EMBARK VET, a laboratory that runs our genetic testing.  Most of our dogs we will run a complete breed panel for the diseases common to their breed.  Also at this time we will do the preliminary certifications for their hearts, patellas and on the large breeds their hips.  On our dogs tested with EMBARK, we also do a test on their coats to make sure the goldendoodles don't have improper coat without furnishings (which can be an issue with the breed with flat coats)

​The main diseases we have them test for are (among other much rarer diseases) are: Degenerative MyelopathyOsteochondrodysplasia, and Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration.  You can go to PawPrint Genetics to see the exact breed panels that we would run on a poodle, cavalier or goldendoodle.   Please click on the blue links to learn more about each disease.  EMBARK tests for over 160 known markers for genetic diseases.  We use both companies.

Here are some of the labels that we give tested dogs (Clear, Carrier and Affected are the three classifications for disease testing.)

Clear/Normal is free from containing that disease.  (Can be bred to any dog that is clear)

Carrier means one parent carries for this disease but does not mean they will progress with the disease. (Should never be bred to a Carrier or an Affected dog only to a clear dog.)

Affected means both parents are Carriers or Affected and should not be bred to another Affected or Carrier dog.  An Affected dog may progress with the disease.  (Must be bred to a clear/normal dog)

It sometimes occurs that a dog is a Carrier of one of these disease markers.  However, Carriers will not pass down the disease if they are paired with a non-carrier. Also, Carriers are asymptomatic.  Careful pairing up of two dogs is very important to produce the most healthy pups.

We avoid pairing Carriers together, and pairing with Affected adults so that there is no possibility of your puppy inheriting the disease because of genetics.  We do this to set a standard for all, and to produce the healthiest puppies possible.

If we have tested a dogs parents and they are clear from any disease markers then we will know that the offspring will always be Clear and will be considered "cleared by parentage".   There is further dna required to get the official "cleared by parentage" label if there is any questions to the dogs parentage but if they were born here and parents were tested, then we know they are clear by parentage.

NOTE:  If it were a perfect world, all dogs would be CLEAR of all markers for genetic disease, but the important thing to remember it is the perfect PAIRING of the dogs that makes this work.  So if a dog is a carrier or affected, it's just important to breed them to a CLEAR.   Also, it is not 100% certain that an AFFECTED dog will end up with the disease.

Here is a link to Paw Print Genetics testing done on some of our dogs:  PJP Paw Print

Genetic Testing on all PARENTS

Health Testing on  done on all PARENT dogs

We also test our adults' genetic makeup through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).

We test for Hip Dysplasia (large breeds), Cardiac Disease and Patellar Luxation (loose knee caps) .  This testing is done through our veterinarian and specialists with exams and an application process that is sent to OFA along with any paperwork, lab work, xray films etc.  All of our dogs are microchipped and it is verified and recorded on the applications.  

Just added 2/13/18 All dogs EYES were certified with canine veterinary opthomologist, Dr William Miller DVM.  They have received their certifications with CAER  (Companion Animal Eye Registry) with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.  This is done with dilation and exam and clears them from eye conditions such as cataract, glaucoma, entropion, ectropion, and other issues with the globe, eyelids, nictitans, cornea, uvea, lens, vitreous, fundus and other issues.

We do make all of this testing available to you upon request via email.