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                              Our Puppies are fed a premium diet of 

                        NutriSource Small/Medium Breed Puppy

 NutriSource® Small and Medium Breed Puppy is ideal for growing small and medium breed puppies (breeds that mature to less than 50 lbs.) and provides super premium nutrition in a scientifically formulated, easy-to-digest food. NutriSource®Small & Medium Breed Puppy contains the higher levels of protein and fat needed by small and medium breed puppies and is formed to smaller, bite size kibble making it easier for small dogs to eat. NutriSource® combines chicken meal, chicken, rice, and carefully selected ingredients in the precise blend to promote balanced growth and optimum health for small and medium breed puppies. Readily available nutrients in chicken meal, chicken, and rice go to work on the inside, resulting in less waste. NutriSource® Small and Medium Breed Puppy Food also supplies complete and balanced nutrition for gestating and lactating females.

We also highly recommend Life's Abundance Holistic Dog food!  It is superior quality to all and made fresh and always shipped to you less than four weeks old!  Check out their website and if you prefer a natural premium diet for your pup we can mix this with their current Nutrisource and they transition very well.  Click here or the bag for more info. 

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Our puppies and adults are all kept healthy with all natural NuVet Supplement

Help Heal and Protect your pet for LIFE! 

NuVet Plus® is a scientifically formulated nutritional supplement that helps to ensure the proper development of young dogs and cats in several crucial ways.

1. Boosts the immune system.
Puppies  need a healthy immune system, which is responsible for defense against disease and infections. NuVet Plus®contains Blue Green Algae which is a very rich chlorophyll source and has been shown to enhance the health of the entire body, strengthen the immune system and promote intestinal regularity.

2. Strengthens the Cardiovascular system. 
A young canine needs a strong heart to power all that energy. NuVet Plus® contains Evening Primrose Oil, which is high in gamma linolenic acid (GLA), an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid that promotes cardiovascular health.

3. Fortifies Bone Structure. 
Puppies, like children, require strong bones to support their active lifestyle. A new pup  that can stand, jump and run must depend on their nutrition to give them a healthy skeletal structure. NuVet Plus® uses Oyster Shell which has the proper ratio of quality Calcium and Phosphorus for optimum absorption. Along with Magnesium, these are the vital elements for the structural framework of bones.

4. Promotes a healthy Nervous system. 
NuVet Labs® knows a kitten and a puppy’s developing nervous system needs help to stay healthy which is why we make sure to include Vitamin B3 (Niacin) as part of our formula. B Vitamins are essential, and B3 promotes growth and proper functioning of their growing nerve network. 

5. Supports healthy Glands and Organs. 
Growing pets need real nutritional sources and one of the best comes from 100% Chicken Liver found in NuVet Plus®. Paddle dried to maintain full potency of its Omega Fatty Acids, Vitamins A, C and B Complex, NuVet Plus® provides essential nutrients to fuel red blood cells and make your pup’s or kitten's internal organs strong. 

NuVet Plus® is the best nutritional supplement for young canines; perfectly balanced to provide the most effective fundamental and essential ingredients that can help defend your new puppy from toxins, nutritional deficiencies and common illnesses. 

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