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Cavapoochon FAQ

What is a Cavapoochon!?  It is a TRI mix breed of the purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a Bichon Frise and a Miniature Poodle. Currently ours are 1/4 Cavalier, 1/4 Bichon and 1/2 Miniature Poodle.  So in other words a cavachon bred to a poodle.  We also are planning a cavapoochon bred to a cavapoochon.

Do cavapoochons Shed?  NO.  Since they are a mix of only 1/4 cavalier and mostly breeds that do not shed, they don't shed.  

Do Cavapoochons bark a lot or act agressive? They can be a bit vocal. They will alert you when you have a visitor and probably bark at a squirrel or rabbit.  Of course this is something you can work on with training.  I've never known a cavapoochon to be aggressive.  They are tender hearted dogs that aim to please you.  

How big are Cavapoochons?  About the size of a small cocker spaniel, cavalier or miniature schnauzer.  Most of our cavapoos are from Miniature poodles which are different from the toy poodles.  Cavaliers range from 10-20lb and mini poodles about the same. Bichon frise range from 8-14lb.   Depending on parent sizes of course.  They are considered a small to medium breed dog.

What coat types are there?   Cavapoochons are very curly and also soft and fluffy.  We specialize in red and red and white.

What are cavapoochons health concerns?   They are similar to the poodle, the bichon and the cavalier's breed faults.  We try to breed these out.  The Cavalier is prone to heart problems, eye disease and loose knees.  The miniature poodle and the bichon is prone to eye diseases and seizures.   The mix of the three breeds is thought to increase their health thru hybrid vigor.  We do test our dogs hearts and knees.  We are starting PRA eye testing.   Cavapoochons are generally very healthy dogs.   An underbite is NOT considered a health problem and is COMMON in any cavalier mixed puppy.  

How long does it take to house train a cavapoochon?    We recommend crate training only during the training phase.  Depending on your devotion and time available to spend with your dog, you can usually expect  training to take one to three months with 90% success rate.  CPC's are very intelligent dogs!  A routine is a must.  If you are having trouble, please dont' hesitate to ask for help from us or a professional trainer.   

What is OFA?  OFA is the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.  They are a database for all the canine health testing.  Veterinarians will do the required testing and paperwork so that we can "Certify" the dog as clear for these specific faults.   After the results come back normal, OFA will send us a certificate on that dog.  Like for the hips, our vet will xray the dog under sedation and then send the xrays and paperwork off to OFA who then has a panel of Vets judge the xrays and give them a score.  Then they will mail the breeder the certificate for hip displaysia-- if it passed.  You can test for just about anything.    But the most common diseases are what we test for.    In the miniatures and petites we test their hearts and their patellas.  In the dogs over 50lb we do hip xrays to rule out hip displaysia.  We will also be doing PRA testing for eye disorders.

Are Cavapoochons good with kids and other pets?  The answer is undoubtedly, YES!  These little clowns LOVE human interaction and also adore the company of children, including other animals.  Of course, some kids can ruin it for others, as well as some grouchy old cats ;-).  If you or your children like to play rough, this will encourage rough-housing and we don't recommend to get that started.  Chewing can be an issue during teething so don't let the pup chew on your hands/fingers.  To discourage this use lemon juice on children's hands. 

Are Cavapoochons AKC registered?  No.  Most all of our parent purebred dogs are AKC registered but when you have a designer mix litter, you can't register them with AKC.  I hope in my lifetime this will happen and AKC  will recognize them as a breed all their own!  Currently we use a registry service by CPR (Certified Pet Registry) who has copies of the parents AKC papers and will provide registration papers for each litter and you will receive one too!

How long do Cavapoochons live?   On average from 15-17 years.  Premium nutrition, vitamins like Nuvet and regular exercise is key to longevity.  Other things that can extend their years is good preventative vet care.  Spaying and neutering also adds years because cancer is common in the reproductive tracts.