"Where Health and  Temperaments Come First."

Please email or call us for our paypal link, or Venmo or Square Trade Invoice.

We accept NON REFUNDABLE $100 Waiting List APPLICATION FEE on Upcoming Litter.  Only refundable if we do not have a litter of what you are wanting within 6 months, NON REFUNDABLE if you back out.  This is an application FEE which is deducted from your puppy price.


  • If your puppy can't be shipped to your location or the puppy is for some reason not available, this deposit will be refunded in full. Also, if the puppy's vet check isn't normal, you will have the option of a refund or another puppy.   *It is not refundable if you change your mind or back out.
  • Please make a note of which puppy you are wanting on the paypal form where it says note to seller.   If you have difficulty with paypal, their customer service number is 888-221-1161
  • You must enter a valid address for your paypal transaction and on your account for the BUYER/SELLER Protection to work.  If you do not have a buyers address, I will refund the transaction and you must resubmit payment.  

After paying a deposit, please print off the health guarantee and COMPLETE AND SIGN IT IN PEN, NOT TYPED,  and scan and email or mail to me (if time permits).  If you can not download it, ask for a copy and we will email it to you.  

After you place a deposit, I will remove your puppy from the website asap and Gina will email you updated pictures every 2-3 wks.

If your puppy is to be boarded after purchase because of vacation, holiday, or gift giving, please be prepared to pay at least 1/2 down on your puppy prior to picking it up and a boarding fee of $100 per week.(rabies shots $25 extra)
Any questions, just email me!  petitjeanpuppy@gmail.com or call Gina at 501-548-9920

Please take time to read the Puppy Care Guide.

Local pickups:  If you want to pay your balance with a credit card instead of cash , please do so prior to picking up your puppy. We can send you a paypal invoice.  9.25% ARKANSAS STATE AND LOCAL SALES TAX WILL BE REQUIRED TO BE PAID AT TIME OF PICKUP.  EVEN IF YOU DRIVE HERE FROM OUT OF STATE, SALES TAX MUST BE COLLECTED.
Thank you!  

​We also accept NON REFUNDABLE$500 Reservation Deposit FEE on puppy that is already born, non refundable if you back out.  NON REFUNDABLE if you back out. Refundable if your puppy does not pass it's vet check or something unforseen happens.  Deducted from total puppy price.  


This page can help guide you through the deposit and/or payment paypal process. 

Remember to make sure of your decision; as deposits are non refundable if you back out.  But if something unforeseen happens to the puppy, your deposit is refunded in full --Or if the puppy does not check out well at the vet check.  Also, if you place a waiting list deposit and we do not have a puppy available, your deposit is refunded.

Types of payments we accept for deposits:



Square Trade

We can also take cards in person with Square.  We no longer take cards over the phone.  Sorry.