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We do not ship puppies as cargo!

What is available:

  • Local Ground service is available within 4 hours of Oppelo AR.  Someone can meet you a few hours closer to us or half way possible.  Rates are set and vary by location.  If you decide to do this, please confirm date and time with the delivery driver before scheduling. We suggest telling the driver your preferred date and time range when reaching out.  Tyler my son in law has been doing this for us for a few years now.   Please remember if you talk to Tyler, to make sure and let Gina or I know to put your pickup on our schedule as Tyler may be driving when you call or text him!  TylerRDarnell@gmail.com.

  • We do not allow our pups to be shipped with others in a commercial ground service company.  This can be very dangerous and stress the puppy out and expose them to illness from numerous other puppies in the same vehicle. 

  • You can fly here and drive to our home, or we can meet you at Little Rock Airport for a fee of $100.  It's about 110 miles round trip.  If you meet us at the airport, please coordinate date and time before purchasing a ticket, or before rescheduling.

  • We have a couple of Arkansas people that can do air lap nannie service if you purchase their ticket and pay a carry on fee.  Some charge $300-400 for the day, that is only an estimate.   I also stock soft carriers for $40.  Also please add $100 fee for us to meet the flight nanny at the airport.  Some airline tickets cost around $400-500, plus $300, plus 140 carry on fee for pets, so average estimate is $840-1000.  If you have airline miles, you can use them to buy their ticket and save the cost of the ticket! 
  •  We refuse to use commercial flight nannies. They are lots cheaper but only fly standby and this can mean length delays for the pup and even overnight delays.  They will also use the same crate over and over with different breeders pups and even put two together that we have no clue have been vaccinated or dewormed.
  • Our flight nanny:  Ann Langle (Liberty Acres Pet Services) 501-336-4274

  • If you want to save money on air flight nanny service, you can find your own commercial flight nanny BUT they only fly standby.  This has proven to involve many delays and missed connections and even some overnights.  So please be aware that this can take longer and EXPECT delays.  Usually they charge around $500 or less.