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F1 Standard Bernedoodle litter from Marlee and Prince!

Marlee, our dam, is a 90lb Bernese Mountain Dog. She has vet approved hips and a Paw Print Genetics breed panel. Eye OFA Certifed

Our litter was out source sired by Prince, a 60lb standard Poodle. He has OFA certified hips, cardiac and patellar, as well as a Paw Print Genetics breed panel.

What a fabulous litter!  Very healthy LARGE babies with perfect markings! 

​Estimated adult weight is between 60-90lbs.

DOB: 4/10/2018 $2500

Iris is Reduced to $1200  to help find her a forever home.  She is dog door trained.  She is a very well behaved pup with a wonderful personality.  

​Our Bernedoodle pups range from $1200-3850

Pups can be almost any color from traditional tri (blk/red/white) to sable, apricot to blk/tan phantom, black and white, merle.  It just depends on the poodle parents colors in their pedigrees.

Please note that all poodle colors can fade or change and this can be the same with the bernedoodles.  The black can change and so can the red markings.  The white markings on a newborn puppy can change, like a tiny dot on the head can actually not be very noticeable when grown.  

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