"Where Health and  Temperaments Come First."

 About PJP:

OWNER, Laura Koch, born 1967 in Little Rock Arkansas.   I have a wonderful husband, Chris,  and two lovely grown children.  I love country living and my sweet dogs!  I also hobby raise chickens and love our small farm!   We keep our pond stocked and keep a fishing pole handy!

Dogs are my passion. I have always been an animal lover! Previous to "dogging" I owned Koch Interiors, an 8,000 sq ft interior design/flooring showroom.  After several long, stressful years, I decided life was too short and needed a change!  Everyone thought I was crazy for wanting to raise dogs! How can you go from interior designer to dog breeder?  Well, as you have found by now, there is a real need for responsible breeders in this dog-loving world.  Every family needs a couple of loving lapdogs!  And while I support and do rescue and believe everyone should give a rescue dog a second chance, there is still a need for responsible dog breeders that offer quality pups from health tested proven lines!

In 2012 our business grew to the point where my husband Chris could quit his full- time management position and help me full time.  Well full time plus! Our dogs are here at our house so we can monitor them 24/7.  We have 23 acres here and a pond with lots of areas for the animals to be animals! It's really a blessing to be able to work from home and make a living doing what you love! 

I always believe if you do what is right, you will always succeed and everyone will be happy.

About Petit Jean Puppies:

First litter was born in 1998, dachshunds--and love them still!  But after years of allergies, my main focus is non-shedding, fluffy teddy bear breeds.  I have always owned a poodle.  Poodles are the basis of  all my designer puppies.  They have superior non-shed coats that are irresistible to the touch and they are incredibly intelligent!   I prefer the miniature and moyen poodles over the toy poodles personalities.  

Being in business since 1998, you can find lots of information about my business online!  I haven't changed my phone number, my address, website name or my name.  Over the past years you can only find a couple of negative reviews about us, which is totally amazing because you can't please everyone.  We try our very best to screen our buyers but there will always be that person that is has unrealistic expectations of a new puppy.  If a problem arises we always try to help the puppy and buyer remedy the situation or offer a full refund after that first vet check. We can't pay vet bills but we can offer you medication or second opinion or offer a return.   Luckily we have extremely healthy adults so we don't have problems very often.

Our main goals:

  • produce healthy, happy puppies
  • find them the most appropriate homes that can spend a lot of time with them
  • educate our buyers -- i.e. spay/neuter, attend puppy kindergarten, vet care, pet containment
  • Keep from adding to the unwanted pet populations by enforcing SPAY AND NEUTER with contracts
  • Keep our pups out of shelters by always taking them back and rehoming them when necessary
  • Support RESCUE animals

We are constantly giving back to support local charities.  We donate regularly to our  FCSPCA.  We participate  Fundraisers in  the NW AR Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, The American Diabetes Foundation, Cancer Challenge.  We donate annually to the Bethlehem House Shelter fundraiser.  We help all we can (and many other fundraisers throughout the year)

This business employs myself, my husband AND 3 full-time and three part-time staff, all dog lovers!  Our business impacts several different families with income.  We pay federal taxes, state and local sales tax.  Locally we impact our community by purchasing vet care, feed, crates, vet supplies, and tons of  laundry detergent. ;-)

We have shipped puppies all over the US and Canada, and have people fly or drive here from all over the US. They even fly here from other countries.  We have pups in the Bahamas, Mexico, Argentina, Vancouver.  We have sold to famous celebrities and families with varying professions including;  doctors, surgeons, lawyers, judges, veterinarians.  Our pups are all over the United States and we love to keep in touch with them via facebook!  We have several service dogs out there as well as therapy dogs!   Update, NFL player Drew Brees just got a cavapoo from us! 

We are USDA Licensed, Class A, Breeder License # 71-A-1325.  We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Our puppies come with a 3 day money back refund policy and a 1 year genetic guarantee.  We will extend our 1 yr genetic guarantee to a THREE YEAR guarantee if you keep your dog on  a quality puppy food with no corn or wheat and  the NuVet Supplement!   (see health guarantee for details).  While we are confident in the healthy puppies we produce, we know that they all can't be absolutely perfect.  But we do offer the assurance to you, that if they aren't, we do have a replacement guarantee.

We do not sell to pet stores or breeders.  We want to know that each puppy is placed appropriately and loved.  And if things don't work out, we will rehome the dog for you!  We do have the right to refuse sale to anyone if we think it's not a good idea for you to have one of our pups.  

We vow to constantly improve upon our bloodlines.